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Spiritual Damage


Sun of God

Introduction - Part II

   At the beginning of life we are a voracious receiving machine. Elders provide everything to us and we give nothing in return. And though we slowly learn to give, by the time of puberty we are the very definition of selfishness and self-righteousness. In other words, we truly are a satan.  But it does make sense, for if we are going to live forever, then how wise can we really be at the beginning of our life. We are next to nothing compared to eternity.  

   As we grow from childhood to adulthood we begin contemplating the mysteries of life and an endless number of questions start coming to mind about our existence. Knowing that it is human nature to seek to discover ourselves, some people make a business of it. Hence we have religions. 

   As for the Christian religions, Jesus was enlightened but many words have been put in his mouth by the people who turned him into a business, (for they realized if they put Jesus above us, then they could be above us in his absence).

   The practitioners of priestcraft, god businessmen, know that confidence sells, so they deliver their messages as if their every opinion, delusion or lie was a fact. And to help sell it, they talk of loving each other, the universal truth that no one can deny, all the while pretending to have a special access to that truth that we all have innately. But aside from what may or may not be true, and this is very important, there is a profound difference between what a person knows and what a person believes. Most people confuse what they believe as what they know. 

   But the truth is that everyone ruled by love has salvation and no intermediaries are necessary. Everyone has access to the spirit of God, which communicates with us at the highest level each of us is able to understand, always guided by its endless love. Words like "love one another" carry with them their own authority. But with this one giant pearl of wisdom, the man-made words of God annexed to this knowledge are often given too much credit.  

   The inspirations of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed were all warped into businesses, leading to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All of these religions have inflicted monumental suffering from their fanaticism. They would not have done so if they were truly ruled by love.

   Look at Gandhi to see how an imperfect man can still be enlightened and effect great changes. If it were not for modern technology recording some of the things he did, then business minded Indians and Pakistanis would right now be warping his legacy into Gandhianity for money and power, and within a few centuries his feet of clay would be forgotten. 

   My books are about what I know: That we should love one another. My books are also about what I believe, which is almost everything else I ever wrote. I ask the reader to think about what I have to say, then agree to disagree with me wherever we do, subject to love, because of love.  

   Regardless of the many things that different people believe, everyone ruled by love has eternal life. I also know this. 

David Allan


   What if the many different members in our physical body were all so in harmony with each other that the attributes and skills of every one of them were available to any other member? 

   In this scenario, we could ask our feet to look at something with our eyes. The strength of our legs would be at our fingertips if needed. Our hair or fingernails, having no pain sensors in them, could absorb a wound of any magnitude and we would not feel any hurt. 

   These unusual combinations are an effort to describe what complete sharing in the spiritual realm would be like, for imagine what kind of abilities you would have if you could share in all the attributes that others possess. For those of us ruled by love, this is just a fraction of the kind of metamorphosis that is coming for us in the next age. 

   In short, with harmony and goodwill in union with all the other spirits ruled by love, our every good imagination becomes real and our every bad thought is gently corrected by our new family of friends.

   Love begins our omnipotence, omnipresence, and eternal life.

   Most important, it begins our happiness.


   When I married my wife I wanted her to be my foremost friend forever. I still feel that way and believe I always will. Therefore, she could tell any other woman that she was above all of them, and it would be true, but only as it applies to me. Those other women have their own favorite. She could also say that no other woman can come to me except by her, for no woman who rejects her as my foremost would be welcomed by me.  

Conversely, no other man can come to her except by me, meaning, accepting that I was her first true love and that she will always love me. 

   In the physical realm, we both gave our virginity away without much thought, reckless adolescents that we were. And while we may have liked the person we gave it to, we did not love them as a soul mate.  

   But spiritually speaking, our virginity is another matter. My wife and I have given this to each other, by definition, since we came to life due to each other’s love and suffering more than anyone else’s.  

   In other words, no one will ever take our places with each other. Love makes additions, not substitutions. By its very definition, real love lasts forever. 

   The question is not whether we can love more than one person an infinite amount, (of course we can). But when it comes to adding soul mates, the heart must be right in the matter, understanding that a loved one is never really gone, but simply absent until another day and age. This is one reason why many widowed people never remarry.  

   Forever is the only amount of time long enough to be friends for those who truly love each other.

Spiritual Damage 

   Humans are both visible and invisible, meaning we have a physical existence and a spiritual presence as well. Our spiritual essence is eternal, but our physical is only temporary, the essence of its substance being where give touched receive, and in so doing brought both to life. 

   Everywhere we look in life, the temporary and visible physical world teaches us about invisible things that are eternal. There are many invisible universal constants, all of which are spiritual in nature, and the ones that last forever are all aspects of love. 

   In the temporary physical world, permanent, lifelong damage can occur. One obvious example is how some people have lost limbs, and while the person still exists in the flesh there is permanent damage. Or perhaps a tree is hit by lightning, or damaged in the wind.  

   In the same way, spiritual injuries can occur. And just like the loss of a limb, spiritual wounds sometimes last a lifetime. But this is where the spiritual is temporary, for even though the injuries can be so horrific that some people lose their sanity, (a physical representation of spiritually dying), just like some physical deaths are brought back to life, so it is in these cases. And the spirit of love never gives up trying to heal spiritual injuries, spanning multiple ages and dimensions as needed, forever committed, it will always be there for anyone who turns to look for it.  

   Even mere depression indicates some spiritual wound or missing attribute of love. And this is why love is so important, for things like forgiveness, tolerance, kindness and courage, to name just a few of the aspects of love, can go a very long way in healing spiritual suffering. For when the mentally wounded or broken are loved, they can sometimes take hold of an attribute of love to heal whatever is injured.  

   We see in ourselves how all of the fruits of the spirit of love work together to help us, which in turn sets an example for us to follow.  


   Society’s blanket condemnation of suicide is indicative of mankind’s overall fear of death. However, suicide is understandable sometimes, usually in the case of great feelings of guilt, hopelessness, pain, or sorrow.  

   Such a thing is obviously not to be taken lightly, but not from fear of incurring wrath or punishment for such an act, which are opinions from people so frightened of death that they cannot envision it under any circumstances. The fact is that suicide is sometimes quite brave. And it is your life, so you may do whatever you want with it. But stop and think it over, for it almost certainly wrong.  

   Even if you think you can justify ending your own life in the spirit of love, noting how moons do eclipse planets sometimes, remember how rarely eclipses happen, and how brief they always are. 

   Be sure you are not trying to enter the spiritual realm before you are ready, before you are invited. Many premature births die, many are handicapped, and they always need extra care at first. You can be sure this same principle carries over when spiritual birth, so to speak, is self induced. 

   So, if you are broken hearted to the point of despair, I urge you, please hold on for every speck of spiritual growth that you can before your birth into the next age. It will most certainly happen in due time, just like a pregnancy results in childbirth, when the time is right.  

   The great spirit of love, that we are all connected to, should always be our guide, even in the worst of times. 


   The cause of homosexuality is always something lacking spiritually.

   For example, homosexuality can be an angry choice, resulting from the anger left over from when we tore apart from one body in to two, which was caused by our selfishness. I think that is the most common reason. But it may also be the result of beloveds trying to share each others temples and falling short due to fear, or doubt, or conceit.

    Consider that Jesus called mankind the “sons of women” but referred to himself as the “son of man.” 

   The meanings of these words are difficult for many people, and my opinions here are probably more controversial than anything else I ever wrote, generating hatred from pharisees for all kinds of reasons. 

   But the inexorable conclusion about Jesus calling himself the son of man while calling the rest of us the sons of women is simply this: Jesus was formerly a female in another dimension and wanted to know, from the heart, what it would be like to be a male.

Therefore, his beloved spiritual twin (Melchizedek) granted it, and Jesus lived an additional life as a man. This happened while Melchizedek, formerly a male, lived an additional life as a woman, granted by Jesus. This is one of the things that was meant in the scripture, “frail woman becomes manly” and also by the passage in the book of Revelations that pictures Jacob as a woman with the moon as her footstool. This also ties in with different realities existing in the same place and at the same time.

   What this all symbolizes is the equality between give and receive, the two faces of love, finally taken to heart by a satan, the morning star who dawned into sunrise, to use the metaphors from the bible.  

   True give, gives completely, even the ability to give is given. 

   Or put another way, a spirit that was completely self-centered, receive only, spiritually speaking, not only embraced give, but then elevated this highest principle of love above its own self. 

   So Jesus was not a homosexual. He really accepted this gift of knowledge from his beloved Melchizedek and lived an entire lifetime as a heterosexual male. In fact, it is quite likely Jesus was married and had children.

   If these explanations do not set with you, ask yourself this question: Do you love your husband or wife enough to share the essence of who and what you are?  

   If you really love your spouse, you would have to answer yes if they asked you to share your unique gender perspective.  

   Through the power of the great spirit of love, these kinds of things can and do happen.

   But what if a husband and wife attempt such a thing but then partially reject it due to fear, or doubt, or conceit, and therefore do not truly take it to heart?  

   Is this a thing to be persecuted? Certainly not. This failure to give completely, and/or receive completely, as the case may be, is no worse, spiritually speaking, than a baby falling while trying to learn to walk. You would not curse a baby for stumbling, would you? Or course not. 

   But homosexuality is a dead end, always failing to deliver spiritual fulfillment. The two faces of love, give and receive, represented by male and female, are both required to be complete. If your union is give-give, or receive-receive, you are by definition lacking half a spiritual dimension. An excellent physical example is seen in the way magnets of the same attraction do not stay joined to each other unless forced.

   So homosexuality is immature and does not bear fruit, spiritually speaking, but it is not a crime as some in the priestcraft portray it.


   The priestcraft makes a big fuss about anything “anti-christ”, warning followers to avoid anything that disputes the imaginary authority of the christ Jesus. 

   But this is just a clever business tactic, like the concept of eternal hell, for dogmas like these suspend logical thinking by frightening the listener. It is very difficult to consider different opinions when you have been brainwashed into fearing that examining church doctrines leads to death.  

   Religions are rightfully afraid of losing their power and influence if people truly think for themselves, for honest reflection realizes that the authority of love is an innate knowledge that stands on its own. Or put another way, the idea of loving one another carries its own authority. People would then rightly reject anyone who dared speak for god, since the spirit of love is already within them. Every so-called word of god that has ever been spoken was man-made, even the wise words, and as such, have no authority over one’s inner soul, for no person is above another in the spiritual realm.  

   A person may speak to the spirit of god, and a person may speak about god, but no person may speak for god, except to themselves.  

   Honest reflection also brings us to the realization that we are all “christs,” because we have all suffered unjustly at the hand of others.  

   No matter how hopelessly lost some other soul may seem to be, we cannot ever speak as god to them. The reverse situation applies, though some souls become so attuned to the universal truth of love that it may seem like a god is speaking. 

   As the christ Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” This is a great example of the wisdom of forgiveness. And when you forgive others their trespasses, like the christ Jesus did, then you have truly transcended into another dimension of life. 


   The reason we cannot understand our spiritual parents clearly is exactly the same principle as if a baby in the physical womb tried to envision his mother and father’s appearance. An accurate description would fail miserably for the fetus, but it could eventually arrive at the correct conclusion that something is on the outside of its tiny world within the womb.  

   Our own current reality shows us how much profoundly greater the next life is by comparison. This can be seen by looking backwards or forwards, trying to understand the past or envision the future. This is much the same as if butterflies and caterpillars were to contemplate each other. But the caterpillar knows less than the butterfly, just like an acorn understands less compared to the oak, or an infant compared to its parents.  

   No matter what we say about whether there is a god, or not, there is always someone or something that physically preceded us, and this applies spiritually as well.  

   In the physical world we call our progenitors by the word “parents,” and the word fits well in the spiritual sense, too. For the eternal highest authority, namely love, in every case was given to us before we ever gave any love back to anyone or anything.  

   As we examine our physical universe we come to realize that it is all just machinery of one sort or another. And our bodies are just organic machines. But the spiritual universe, where love reigns supreme, over all other emotions and even reason itself, is why we are more than mere machinery, more than logical conclusions. For love defies selfishness and is the universal denominator of life and eternity both, the connection between all humans, and ultimately, all forms of life, even infinity itself.  

   So great is the power of love, it even tolerates inferior selfish philosophies to grow until their dead end, at love’s expense, and then it offers equality to those same persecutors as soon as they repent of their selfishness.  

   Because of this ultimate power of love, I agree when some people say there is no god, for ultimately, only love can be god.  

   But assuming, for the sake of discussion, that humanity was just an accident or random chance, the fact remains that each of us began life by receiving. In every case, someone, or some thing, gave to us first. This physical fact is representative of spiritual fact.  

   In the physical sense, we begin by receiving air, then milk, but in the spiritual sense we begin by “taking”, an unrighteous form of receive. Eventually the principles of love awaken within us and we turn around to seek a way to make up for our selfishness. But the point is we begin by receiving. Physically, someone or something gave to us first, and spiritually, we took from someone or something without asking. And in the spiritual sense, the origin of give is actually the principle itself, since give is the fullest flower of love and carries its own authority as the root of all good.  

   Now even though the principle of love is the zenith of thought, so one could say there is no god, that is not the same thing as having no parents. Endless examples in nature show everything has an origin of some sort. 

   In other words, even if one argues there is no god, the fact remains we still had parents, a form of creator, a form of god. And even though the principle of love is, in the final analysis, our only true parents, (with our spiritual fathers and mothers ultimately just friends, like our physical parents become), the fact still remains: We all began both our physical and spiritual life by receiving. And this is humbling, since eternal life begins with giving.  

   So atheism makes valid points, but so does deism, which correctly looks to higher life forms than puny mortal man. The result is that true religion has but one universal precept, which is love and its many attributes. And this spirit of love is the only thing each of us must obey, utterly independent from anything contradictory to its absolute authority over everything.


   Could an acorn describe what it is like to be an oak tree?  

   Though it obviously would have some faint idea what it would be like, having originated from the tree, any great understanding would not be possible. This is just the same as how a caterpillar could not understand much about its next life, but having originated from a butterfly, it knows enough to lie down and sleep in confidence of a glorious awakening. 

   In other words, the inability to clearly envision our future state does not mean that we cannot know a greater age is coming, and that we will carry the life sustaining force of love with us when we cross over.

   Since these kinds of spiritual things are an innate knowledge, yet difficult to describe with words by adults, and impossible for children to explain, clever individuals have always used spiritual awareness for profit and power.  

   But, whenever some conceited soul pretends they know god best, people eventually suffer for it.

   If god is love, we do not need religions. Furthermore, if god is love, and love and money together is prostitution, then what is religion but spiritual harlotry perfected into a science.

   Even if we merely try to describe “god” the result must necessarily emphasize the motivations and attributes of the person doing the describing. In the best of situations this over-emphasizes some spiritual talents of love while downplaying others. It misinforms and outright lies in the worst cases.

    A group effort to describe what god is like yields barely better results, for it excludes something from every individual in the compromise, therefore resulting in some level of dissatisfaction for all. Put another way, everyone always disagrees with some part of a group description of what is god. And this is perfectly right, because we are all individuals and therefore different by definition. It is not possible to be the exact same as anyone else for it would mean the loss of our individuality, our identity itself, thereby destroying the “I am” in each us.

   We are all individuals, so true religion, which represents the very essence of our innermost self, must also be individual, and therefore always completely independent. No one has ever agreed with everything someone else believed. And no one ever will. This alone makes adherence to any religion an error.

   Stop and think about Moses, the magician who wrote an entire religion for a people. To sell it, he informed them that they were god’s chosen people, that is to say, god’s favorite. And they, in turn, announced it to their neighbors with a sword. Then they compounded their crime by attributing the rejection of their claim of superiority as proof of the inferiority of their victims. This is wicked conceit to the point of madness. 

   The heart of all religious fanaticism always hides self-righteousness, the essence of which can be summed up by saying: “I am better than you.” Then it gets worse, for the next downward step says in its heart: “The fact you do not see I am better than you proves that I am!”     

   But the arrogance of the Israelites is nothing new. We only need to look at the Egyptians and Greeks that preceded them or the Christians and Muslims that followed, to see that god businesses keep evolving. But the one constant is that the priestcraft cleverly stroke the egos of the stupid and arrogant with the same old message: “We are better than others.” And the reasons why we are better are always things that imply “we are more loving” and “god loves us more.”

   Religions are the worst diseases in human history and are in fact the spiritual equivalent of a contagious illness. And putting the precepts of any religion above “love one another” is the spiritual equivalent of being terminally ill.

   Compared to love, no religion has ever mattered, or ever will, except to the spiritually dead!


Take a journey with our minds and time travel to the past,
With our power of reason we see the way it was quite fast,
The truth is prehistoric man was smarter than we know,
This logical conclusion is not too hard to show,
Think about the daily grind of hunt and gather clans,
Survival was a struggle, made a living with their hands,
But depending on the season many hours are at night,
So even after sleeping they were up without daylight.
Large groups awake in darkness, how do you pass the time?
Huddled ‘round a campfire, whole families shared their minds.

They talked for hours every night, things plain to paranormal,
All their knowledge passed like this, the learning was phenomenal,
It’s wrong to underestimate their thoughtful state of mind,
Philosophy was love and nature, it’s we who are behind.
The ancients saw, caterpillars crawl, knew one day they would fly.
They saw acorns vanish, up came oaks, somehow they didn’t die.
Now we have religions, and though different in every nation,
They cannot hide any of God’s original information.
So think about true religion, in nature, not institutions,
God is free, God is love, love with money is prostitution.



Two physical seeds.......... One spiritual seed
Conceived your body....... Conceiving your soul
Earth now......................... Afterlife soon
Born in the flesh............... Birth in the spirit
Discarded placenta........... Discard body
Blood................................ Love
Temporary........................ Permanent
Life force.......................... Life flow
Entered crying.................. Enter laughing
Miss this world? .............. Did you miss your placenta?



One physical seed (sperm) and one physical seed (egg)
In blood conceived your life on earth
Born crying into temporary life of flesh
The placenta obsolete


One spiritual seed (love) and one physical seed (body)
In love conceives your life in the universe
Born laughing into permanent life of spirit
The body obsolete



Some people think that their physical uniqueness,
Means the opposite gender has spiritual weakness,
But men and women can’t be the other’s superior,
Different, is all, which does not mean inferior,
Look at the evidence, there’s only one conclusion,
For we were all created to need the same solution,
Every pair of twin members, that we can think to name,
Are basically like equals, reflections of the same,
Your arms and your shoulders, just like your legs and feet,
Twins joined in one body, and the middle’s where they meet.

See how in between those pairs, sit all the single members,
And they are always placed midway, in or near the center,
No matter where you look, head or heart, and yes the soul,
The singles always link the pairs, make one amazing whole.
Now think about your best friend, regard their special build,
They have parts that represent a soul that’s not fulfilled,
For each of us is half complete, designed from up above,
Give and receive, boy and girl, the two sides of perfect love,
Each holds missing parts, we cannot live without each other,
Two wrap into one, we clothe ourselves with one another.

Picture now, the union grows, physical into spiritual,
If minds meld like a climax, we really could do miracles,
Once we linked like this, we’d share everything together,
But also independent, the design a joy forever,
“I am” is where we start, the essence of original thought,
But the answer to “What am I”, is the first thing we are taught,
The never-changing, ever-changing answer that I see,
Begins when “What am I” is simply answered by “We”,
For it requires eternal friends for our souls to be free,
So love starts one plus one, which starts Infinity.

Sun of God

Earth thought the Sun revolved around him,
Moon thought the Earth revolved around her,
Man and woman are rebuked.
Both tried to be – The God
Instead of – a god.

But a parole from celestial prisons is possible,
Granted by love
If they get off their pedestal and throne,
Serve others instead,
Embrace love.

True give, gives completely, even give is given,
Receive returns it multiplied,
Two unique entities permanently bind,
One new being,
Yet still two,
An explosion of light,
Showers new life into infinity,
They awake with the power of the Sun,

No law but love,
Stars are born.
We are gods.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Touching Base

It’s almost 10 months since I posted anything, so I felt I should at least touch base with an update. I’m not a prolific blogger, but I do continue to write occasional new articles, and will post them, when they are polished enough.

Also, I realized this site would be an easy way to share an addition to the book I wrote, titled Selfish Young Man. (Subtitle: An Honest Look at Christ and Christianity, Plus Other Selected Essays.) This was an e-book published in 2004, using my pen name, David Allan. I wrote it over the course of 15 years, the core of which was first penned in the summer of 1989, then expanded whenever the spirit moved me.

Selfish Young Man is available for free downloads as a PDF on the internet. But what has not been available on the internet is the previously mentioned short addition I wrote in 2008. Therefore, I will post the entirety of “Part Two” as one very long post following this entry.