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Crime Of The Century

There are tens of thousands of steel framed skyscrapers throughout the world. Not once have any of them collapsed without the use of explosives – until September 11, 2001… according to our government.

And on that amazing first time in history, not just one, but three of them crumbled!

In addition, if that is not astounding enough, all three went down as straight as arrows, with zero toppling whatsoever. In other words, they literally collapsed into their own footprints!

Moreover, and this is astonishing to the point of miraculous, all three buildings fell close to, or in actual fact, at the speed of gravity! This means free-falling, with no resistance from the steel structure under them – and no resistance from the steel structure woven into them! 


What really happened?

The so-called investigation by our government says it was the result of fires, but the blazes were all quite small. On the other hand, explosives fit the evidence perfectly. Every floor, in every building, shattered one after the other, with precision robotic timing, and then fell with perfect symmetry, without any jagged breakage between the floors as they collapsed. Nor was there any jagged breakage on any of the sides as they crumbled. In the construction business they call such a thing controlled demolition, which is exactly what happened that day – to all three buildings!

At this point I need to digress a moment… Here’s a simplistic analogy: If 100 people each own 1% of the 100 largest military-industrial conglomerates, then 100 people own everything. Mainstream media, which the wealthy also own, implies that anyone who questions “official” government explanations is crazy. This intimidates most critics from speaking up and keeps the bulk of the sheeple from actually thinking. But intelligent people know those “news” outlets are nothing more than the public relations departments of those corporations and their moguls – who in turn control our government. Are you aware that just 400 people own as much as 50% of the world’s population? And these new age monarchs control virtual armies of sycophants, who work to ensure their benefactor’s continued financial supremacy, and to make sure the masses toil away their lives for the barest minimums, which makes such affluence possible. The reality is that the super-rich have conquered democracy with mutant capitalism. One look at our Congress is all the evidence needed, for our high officials are dependent on multi-millionaire and billionaire sponsors for the cost of their elections, basically purchasing their esteemed positions. The result is that democratic leaders have become mere spokesmodels for the interests of world’s financial elite, while the military enforces their monopolistic designs.

The United States has a long history of falsifying information or provoking other nations in order to justify going to war. (For example, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which we manufactured in order to start the Vietnam War.) Our government has wanted a say in the business and politics of the Middle East for a long time – and now we have it. This is thanks to manipulating public support for the conquest of those lands, achieved by blaming 9/11 on “terrorists” and then transferring the guilt to an entire region and religion.

In fact, for the first time in history, zealots of the Christian and Jewish religions are in complete agreement, having been herded by wicked shepherds to support attacking any Islamic country. But they are both just as sick as Islam, as all three of them shamefully pretend to speak for god. (Everyone has access to the spirit of God, much better described as the spirit of love and reason, which communicates with all of us at the highest level each of us is able to understand. No intermediaries are necessary.)

I know that many citizens have great difficulty believing our highest government officials and military leaders could have had a hand in something so evil, but we’ve been doing such things for a century, and the evidence of our complicity on 9/11 is overwhelming. The only question is to what degree our involvement extends…

The official story behind the events of that day is impossible!

Consider some of the facts and unanswered questions…

● The skyscrapers were built to withstand airplane crashes.
● The skyscrapers were built to withstand raging infernos.
● New shell companies became WTC tenants in preceding months.
● Abnormal increase of new faces working night shifts.
● Months of private maintenance work in elevator shafts.
● Several complete facility “power downs” in the preceding weeks.
● Osama Bin Laden was a CIA operative.
● Bush and Bin Laden families have been friends for decades.
● Bush’s father, also a President, was former head of the CIA.
● Bush's brother and cousin were officers of the WTC security company.
● PNAC wanted "New Pearl Harbor” to mobilize nation for imperialism.

At That Time
● Air traffic controller alerts were stalled by officials.
● NORAD was told to stand down when planes deviated off course.
● Bush socialized 25 minutes after 2nd plane hit. (Why do nothing?)
● Cheney was in emergency command center when first plane hit.
● Nano-thermite (high-tech explosive) residue was everywhere.
● Witnesses heard explosions on all the floors, even basements.
● Fires in all 3 buildings miniscule compared to construction standards.
● Jet fuel and office fires burn 1,000 degrees cooler than molten steel.
● Hot steel doesn’t shatter, it bends.
● Many of the alleged hijackers are living in the Middle East.
● New insurance policies on World Trade Center paid out billions.
● Airline stocks were ten to one in favor of “put” versus “call” orders.
● Planes made maneuvers that novice pilots could not perform.
● WTC building 7 housed clandestine CIA offices.

● No evidence of attack by any Muslim country.
● The “terrorists” were Saudis but Iraq was declared guilty (the next day).
● Airplane black boxes failed or were not recovered – all 8 of them.
● Government has classified over 3,000 files.
● Government falsified results in its sham investigation.
● Bin Laden’s family members flown out of U.S. on 9/12 w/o questioning.
● President and Vice President refused to testify under oath.
● President and Vice President refused to testify separately.
● President and Vice President refused to testify publically.
● President and Vice President’s testimony is sealed.
● Debris shipped to Asian scrap companies before investigation.
● Molten steel in lower levels, 80 stories below fires and 2 weeks after.
● Millions in airline stock trade profits went uncollected (fear of inquiry).
● Kuwaiti gold missing from vaults under WTC 1 & 2.
● Key people surrounding the events have died suspiciously.
● Wikipedia write-ups are repeatedly ghost edited to be neutered. 

The problem so many citizens have is that they simply cannot envision any of their leaders being that wicked – because they would never do such a thing themselves. But do people become billionaires making 200,000 times more per year than some of their employees (equal human beings) because they care about others? And they are the ones who install our leaders, who are required to do their master’s bidding or they can never reach higher offices in the first place. Same thing goes for high ranking military officials – they either support the status quo at all times or their career advancement stops. Maintaining and expanding our corporate empire is our military’s primary function. Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in history, was right about our wicked leadership and corporate overlords, and that was 70 years ago!

Consider the results of 9/11…

● The United States increasingly controls Middle East oil.
● The United States increasingly influences Middle East politics.
● The United States and Israel increasingly alter Middle East culture.
● Radical Zionism has increased its power in Israel.
● CIA conducting covert operations in dozens of Islamic countries.
● Habeas Corpus and parts of our Bill of Rights revoked by Patriot Act.
● Constitution itself essentially revoked by Patriot Act.
● Citizen tracking from cradle to grave, including all computer activity.
● Our government now assassinates citizens without trials, or hearings.
● Life time prison sentences without trial or hearing.
● Torture and rendering legalized.
● Police state laws are proliferating.

Most wealthy people are delighted to see these changes, since they view common folks as things to be controlled and used like equipment. Like the royalty of days gone by, these kind of people are expert at taking advantage of others – using brute force when they can get away with it, and when they can’t, their every kindness is weighed against the probability of an excess return. And sadly, for the first time since the Reformation, they are reversing the gains of the common man in the western nations. The kings and queens of yesterday have been replaced by billionaires, whose dynasties also go on for generations.

This concludes my random thoughts on the crime of 9/11, which the rich and their minions say never happened. There are dozens of other points and unanswered questions, as well, but I skipped them in the interest of brevity, as this article was not intended to be an exhaustive discussion. This is just a quick list of things to consider for those who are unfamiliar with the topic.

Who can say whether or not we will ever know the truth in this lifetime, though I’m sure a higher power will sort out the cosmic arithmetic eventually – in this age or the next. But one thing is certain: We have not been told the truth by our government! The crime of the century was our own doing, at least in part. Perhaps our top intelligence officials even authored the plan from start to finish. But at a minimum, 9/11 was facilitated and then covered up by the secret services that make our country the world’s de facto ruler. It is not without reason that we have over 1,000 military bases, installations, and information gathering offices in every corner of the globe, or that we spend over 55% of our annual budget on the military. Would you spend more than half your money on something and never use it?

If your interest is piqued, then please watch a stunning video about 9/11, which was done by several years ago and is hosted by Ed Asner. (It runs a short 15 minutes.) They are a group of architects and engineers calling for a genuine investigation of the events of that day. I urge you to invest just a few more minutes to watch this enlightening commentary. Here is the link:

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