Saturday, November 10, 2012


We know that a person’s mind influences their actions. So our behavior could be called the output of the mind, at least in general terms. This begs the question: What about mind input?

The past forty years have seen dozens of large U.S. media corporations merged into just six giant conglomerates. They own almost all of mainstream media, including film, television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The problem is that their major stockholders, typically billionaires, select the boards of directors, who in turn set the management that chooses what the public sees and hears – and how it’s presented. Obviously, the slant is to benefit those wealthy owners.

Especially disconcerting is the pathetic state of major news outlets, which have become nothing more than the public relations arm of the military-industrial complex. The same people own it all. And they aim to keep it that way.

Having conquered our information systems, the wealthy have also developed a stranglehold on Congressional policymaking. In fact, they voted that corporations should be treated like people, while real humans are regarded as equipment and have less control of their government than any time since the American Revolution. And this is largely because news networks are used by rich owners to subtly promote agendas which decrease our civil rights and income, while they get corporate immunity and skyrocketing profits.

We have, however, maintained our conceited delusions of superiority over all other nations, which the propagandists peddle to our vanity in place of real knowledge and compassion. This is wickedly brilliant, since it’s much cheaper for the wealthy than treating us fairly, which would then be followed by our demands they treat the rest of the world better, too.

One proof of this homeland brainwashing is that out of the thirty modern Western nations, we are the only one that has not yet implemented Medicare for all its citizens. Yet our health care expenses are twice as much as those other countries and our life spans are shorter. Other nations are awakening to see themselves as a family, but here, we primitively cling to competition being more important than cooperation.

We may think we’re superior, but most of the world sees the United States as selfish, stupid and violent. This is not 1945 – and the criticism is valid.

No longer the moral icon among the nations of the world, we are morphing into a military and police state with an economy that is utterly dependent on war. The only thing our nation excels at now is the creation of soldiers, spy technologies, and the export and usage of weapons and military advisors.

Adding to this sad state of affairs, the owners of our military-industrial complex have manipulated government policies to decrease funding and lower expectations in our public schools, which is no concern to the rich, since their children attend private schools. Decades ago, the wealthy foresaw the economic parity that was coming for the nations of the world. So their only choice was to either share the blessings of life more equitably, or find ways to dumb down and cower the masses in order that we accept even less.

Once world famous, our public schools are being reduced to daycare centers and half of all teachers quit within 5 years. Most high school students graduate with minimal skills and precious little cognitive ability. These youngsters are woefully unqualified for the modern workplace and soon discover that their only employment choices are as soldiers or policemen, that is, if they want to earn enough to support a family. College is not a viable option for many of them, either financially or academically, so those who remain outside this new national order are destined for poverty, working a lifetime at minimum wage.

Exacerbating the problem is the entertainment industry, which specializes in movies and video games that teach us to revel in military conquests and police work, or their affiliated careers. These fields are expanding because the plutocracy needs them in order to keep control abroad – and control at home. Just watch television any night of the week and you can plainly see our future aspirations in the programming. Almost every show involves killing or police related work, usually both. By age 18 the average child in the United States has witnessed 16,000 murders.

Once our leaders taught us that adults should stand up for what is right. Now they imply that grown-ups don’t question authority and do what they’re told. No thank you. Real adults obey the golden rule.

But if you watch mainstream news, everything is rosy as airhead broadcasters ignore our nation’s madness in exchange for suckling from the crotch of billionaires... What endless wars? No dead soldiers are ever seen. No dead civilians are ever seen. No broken hearted survivors are ever shown wailing in grief. And always, always, always, we are in the right. To hear newscasters tell it, anyone broken by our system deserves their river of tears. And if you fight against that system you risk drowning in your own.

Another example of the brainwashing is how the owners of major media outlets prevent serious, in-depth discussions about how badly the world’s resources are being strained. And as they gloss over the problem, the other corporations they own are raping the environment unchecked by even basic common sense. Consider the contrast: It took 200,000,000 years for oil, gas and coal to be formed that we will consume in 200 years. The same astronomical period of time was required for the mountains to rise, but now we blast an entire peak into gravel in a single second. These things will not grow back.

The profound dichotomy that is splitting western society needs to be examined – and stopped. Why does the number of our citizens in poverty keep rising? Unable to support their families, they skimp on essentials, have no health care, and increasingly find themselves among the homeless. Yet this is happening while the income of the wealthiest is rising faster than any time in history! Something is very wrong. Only a child – or a demon – truly believes a person is entitled to make 200,000 times more per year than the equal human beings that work for them. But that is what some executives are earning compared to minimum wage. Enough already!

Three fallacies the brainwashing networks and corrupt politicians keep selling us are the wisdom of trickle-down economics, that the wealthy are job creators, and that our leadership protects the masses. All are patently false.

In the case of trickle-down economics, we only need to consider the history of mankind, which shows that the powerful have always taken more than their fair share from the peasantry. Unlike a family, wherein the strong uplift the weak, the hierarchy of trickle-down economics is akin to royalty controlling feudal lords, who in turn control the peasants… And it yields the same impoverished results.

As for the wealthy being job-creators, that is equally absurd. From Henry Ford to the Wright Brothers, Microsoft to Facebook, history shows it is small businesses that invent the new industries that create new wealth. When these companies mature and get bigger, having spawned numerous competitors, then they only vie with each other for market share. If Ford adds 5,000 jobs, then Toyota loses 5,000.

Lastly, the rich have never protected us. This fiction only serves to distract us from the truth that our nation is an abuser, both at home and abroad, and that we have been victimizing parts the world for a long time now. Yet the billionaire mouthpieces of nightly news keep leading us to kill foreigners so the plutocracy can control the world’s natural resources.

Of course, it’s hard to see this in most media coverage because they no longer show the tears of our vanquished. Honest reporting ruined Vietnam’s industrial cash cow by showing the war’s horrors, which reversed public opinion. Truthful news is very bad for the bottom line when your business is taking advantage of others, and the aristocracy doesn’t intend to let it happen again. This is why they pander to our vanity and conceit, always subtly assuring us that other cultures are inferior. That is the unspoken lie that is always implied about the people we kill, though it is only about the money for our masters. Just as they led us to ravage the American Indian for free land, enslave the Africans for cheap labor, then slaughter the Vietnamese and Central Americans to install profit based political systems, so it is we now crush the Middle Easterners to control their oil wealth.

Stop and think. If someone doesn’t like us, how is that permission to kill them? Yet a single Saudi Arabian, living in Pakistan, was used to popularize the military conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which had injured us in the slightest. Nor were they planning to. And now we covertly control their oil and politics, while a million of them have died, two million were injured, and three million are refugees. And this is only part of the story, since secret intelligence operations have been undermining the entire region for decades. Yet none of this is featured on the evening propaganda. Once we led by example, but now we lead by the sword and call it wisdom.

Here is the painful truth about our beloved United States: Over and over, our political leaders have led us astray after selling us out for money and power. And the entire spectrum of major media, now representing the wealthy first and foremost, has become the plutocracy’s biggest asset in brainwashing us to do their evil deeds. Because of that, among the so-called modern nations, we are the bloodiest government in the world, and the most selfish to its own people.

I cannot overstate the importance of my original question: What about mind input? You wouldn’t eat dirt and you shouldn’t allow it mentally.

Getting your news from independent sources is mandatory if you really want to be informed. This usually means going to the internet, but even here, caution is required, as increasingly more outlets are being established, purchased, or influenced by the rich.

The Dark Ages of scientific and philosophical ignorance came to an end with The Reformation, which forced the separation of church and state.

The most important thing for our world right now is the separation of business and state.

Perhaps another Age of Enlightenment would follow.