Friday, September 14, 2012

The Other Title Is Funnier

Does anyone else think that some religious people are no better than dogs when they react with violence over an insult to their religion?

A case in point would be the recent video in the news and how some Muslims reacted with murderous riots over the perceived insult. Isn’t it time they grow up and act like adults? Because people who will kill over an insult, real or imaginary, are a disgrace to humanity.

In the past year I have been active in a number of Virginia localities to stop Christian prayers that have crept into government meetings. My efforts have included editorial letters, emails, phone calls, and numerous occasions that I have spoken in front of boards of supervisors. Some of those meetings were full houses, jam packed with Christians and their priestcrafters, many of whom were obviously hostile towards me.

Yet, for all the angry emails and nasty phone calls I have received, all the hateful looks and snide remarks – not once have I been attacked, or even threatened by a Christian for criticizing that religion. Had I done these same things regarding Islam in a Muslim county, not only would I have been beaten and jailed repeatedly, I would have been killed several times.

So between Christian and Islamic influenced cultures, there is a tangible difference in the degree of mental illness they represent (only we know the true God and you must agree with us), though some betterment is due to western laws guaranteeing freedom of religion and separation of church and state.

In closing, Islam deserves insults, non-stop, until the violent mutts within that religion are cast out by other followers. So in light of what they deserve, my alternate title for this missive will be: Islam is Mental Dog Food.

I’ll change my opinion when they change their behavior.