Saturday, September 1, 2012

Keep Abortion Legal

Just as plants grow, mature, and then fade, so it is with people’s bodies. The vessels our spirits dwell in are literally organic machines, for our body’s growth and decline happens automatically, from start to finish, just as it does with plants.

The only part of us that is not organic machinery is our spirit, that life force which animates us and wherein each of us recognizes the “I am” of our individual essence. So the vessels we will dwell in begin at conception, but our actual spiritual life inside these machines begins when?

Surely we do not put on clothes while their fabrics are being woven, though after weaving, the cloth might possibly be cut and sewn while wearing it. Surely no one moves into a house at the start of construction, though once the foundation is in and the framework erected, then we might live there while the building is completed. So some amount of structure must come to pass before a thing can actually be used, and this same principle applies to our souls inhabiting our bodies while they are under construction in the womb.

As to the moment a soul takes up residence in a fetus happens, we do not know. Personally, I believe the moment of unity between flesh and spirit depends on the parents and the child to be, so it might be very early in the pregnancy in some cases. But it is also clear that some pregnancies are miscarried or stillborn, often when the parents truly wanted a child. So where was the unity of body and soul in those cases? It was absent is the answer. So who can truly know the moment of union? Or why it does, or does not happen?

But this we do know…

Inhaling is the first thing all newborns do or they will not live. And the last thing all of us will do in our lifetime here is exhale. This testifies to our actual physical life on Earth existing in breathing. I repeat: The first thing every person does is inhale and the last thing every person does is exhale. Our life begins and ends with breathing.

Since no one can move into a home at the start of construction, and because of the facts about breathing, I believe that the union of body and soul on Earth most often begins around the time a fetus might be able to breathe on its own if born prematurely, and that a fetus is only organic machinery until such time.

Interestingly, this timeframe correlates to about the time most fetuses begin to move in the womb.

So abortion, while often a difficult decision to make (my wife and I know this well), must remain legal.

But aside from the evidence which leads to the preceding conclusions, there is another principle to consider: Namely, that it is the height of folly to presume to dictate what other people can or cannot do with their own bodies, much less what is inside their bodies, which originated from inside their bodies in the first place!

Such an attitude on the part of anti-abortionists is incredibly arrogant, at least in the case of early term pregnancies, for it actually negates the rights of what already exists – which is the physical and spiritual parents – in favor of a machine that is likely not yet occupied. Put bluntly, by way of analogy, anti-abortionists demand that we let the tail wag the dog. 

In closing, the bottom line is that controlling what someone does with what is inside of their body is a form of slavery, just as if you were controlling their entire body, and is therefore utter wickedness. And how conceited and pretentious it is for the anti-abortionist to pretend to know what is best for others in this world, much less those spirits who come from another dimension.

Lastly, it is important to digress and point out that those who claim abortion is “a woman’s right” are mistaken. Generally it is the right of both parents to decide. It takes two to make a pregnancy and the father’s rights must be respected. If the parents cannot agree, only then does it becomes the woman’s right to make the tiebreaking decision, since she is the one who carries the pregnancy and is typically also the primary caretaker for the early years.

Note that if the mother wants the baby and the father does not, then she will be responsible for all of the child’s financial support, but he in turn loses all child contact, visitation and custody rights.