Monday, December 31, 2012

Palestine... The Unholy Land

The Palestinians and Jews have been fighting with each other for almost 70 years. It’s the latest installment of arguments that began 4,000 years ago.

Did God give the land of Palestine to certain people, or not?

If God did not, then who put lies in God’s mouth in order to steal?

And if God did, then what was promised?

These questions have never been answered to the satisfaction of everyone involved, and the dialogue between the parties always turns into violence.

With that in mind, the key to solving the problem in Palestine is to consider the illnesses of most of the people involved (since they claim to understand God better than others and think they are God’s favorite). In other words, by illnesses I mean the religions that most of the people involved are following, which are Judaism and Islam, and also Christianity, which has generally supported the Jews recently. Since all three groups have elevated written words to be the voice of God, instead of trusting the innate authority of love and the golden rule, it may be possible to use information from those ancient texts to fix the problem.

Therefore, the following remedy for the situation in Palestine will be based on scripture and common sense. This is regardless of what may be the actual historical truth, long since lost in time, if it was ever known by them in the first place. In the interest of comprehension for the layman, this account will be as simple and abbreviated as possible.

We begin with Abraham. He is a physical and/or spiritual patriarch to the people of all three mental illnesses previously mentioned. Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. The Palestinians trace their lineage from Ishmael, son of Abraham. The Jews trace their lineage from Judah, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

God made promises to Abraham that he would bless him by making nations of his offspring, and also that all nations of the world would be blessed thru him. Many years later, God made similar promises to Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, whom he renamed Israel. These promises were both physical and spiritual in nature.

Were the promises fulfilled?

Israel has already been a great nation. And as for the promises that were spiritual in nature, a vast multitude say these were fulfilled by Jesus. He was a Jewish man who taught that the real kingdom of God is spiritual in design, rather than physical, because love and the golden rule are the key to life and the highest authority.

But however you view the promises made to Abraham, whether you see them as past, present, or future – or as fiction that was written by priestcrafters after the events to obtain power and revenue – the critical point is this: The Jews do not represent all of Israel, but only Judah, one of his many sons.

Here is more background on this…

Israel’s descendants would eventually refer to themselves as being from a certain “tribe,” meaning which of his 12 sons was their earliest ancestor. But before that came to pass, Israel, his sons, and their families, went to Egypt where one son was already located. His many descendants, generations later and much larger in number, then migrated to the Sinai Desert under the leadership of Moses. Here the tribes cast lots to divide the land they were about to invade, called Canaan (today’s Palestine).

In that lottery, the descendants of Judah (Judeans/Jews) were given the southernmost portion of Palestine, a huge tract of land, though quite arid.

The tribes lived in peaceful alliance for a brief period and Israel became a powerful nation under King David, then a world crossroads under his son, King Solomon (both Judeans).

But there was great unrest over the high taxes imposed by Solomon to support his extravagant lifestyle. When he died, the other tribes petitioned the new king, Rehoboam, to reduce taxes. Instead of addressing their legitimate complaints, the childish new king insulted them, which caused the other tribes to cast Judah out of Israel.

Thus, Israel and Judea became separate countries (sometimes called the northern and southern kingdoms by bible scholars). It was this way for centuries, with the two even warring against each other on occasion.

And then the physical nation of Israel ended.

The kingdom of Assyria rose to power and conquered Israel. They took everything of value back to their homeland, including educated citizens and tradesmen, leaving only the poorest peasants behind, who were then subjected to foreigners. The land ceased to be called Israel and eventually became known as Samaria, its most influential city.

After this, the Babylonian empire came to power and conquered Judea. And they did the same thing to the Judeans that the Assyrians had done to the Israelites. However, when Persia conquered Babylon several decades later, some of the Jews who had not assimilated returned to Jerusalem, rebuilt their temple, and gradually wrote the first versions of most of the Old Testament books.

Meanwhile, centuries passed. The Israelites (all the other tribes of the northern kingdom) never returned, but instead were absorbed into other nations.

After that came the Greeks, and then the Romans… The land of Palestine was continually subjected to one conqueror after another.

In every era, Samaria, the majority of ancient Israel, was considered ethnically distinct from Judea. It was this way even when Rome managed all of Palestine (including Galilee, formerly northern Samaria), as one province. In fact, Judea had been a separate country for close to 1,000 years by the time of Roman rule, and the nation of Israel had not existed for many centuries.

Understand, it wasn’t only foreign rulers that considered the Judeans a separate people, because the Jews themselves thought so, routinely insulting their northern neighbors by calling them “half-breeds.” This disparaging attitude is especially telling, given that many Jews lived among the Samaritans and Galileans, many of whom shared the blood of their brother tribes lost to antiquity.

Because of constant rebellions by the Jews against their Roman occupiers, particularly in Jerusalem, the Romans and Jews fought two wars. The first was just a few decades after Jesus died and the second was about 100 years later. After the second war, Rome was fed up with the endless insurrections and declared that every Jew must leave the land of Palestine, or die. So this edict not only applied to Judea, but also Samaria and Galilee, and thus the Jewish diaspora was completed. From this point on there were almost no Jews in Palestine for about 1,800 years.

In a little over 100 years, particularly in the last 70, the returning Judeans (wrongly calling themselves Israel) have grown from having almost 0% of the land to possessing 78% of it. Nearly all of it has been forcibly taken from the Palestinians.

Most of this occupied land does not belong to the Jews – according to their own record, for the nation of Israel (all the other tribes) has been gone over 2,500 years. All the returning ancestors of Judah are entitled to – assuming they are entitled – is that which is called Judea, their old southern kingdom.

Unfortunately, this solution was ignored by the returning Jews, who named their new country Israel, the same name as the long extinct great nation which once included all 12 tribes and far more territory. But the one remaining tribe, Judah, should not be allowed to claim false borders in order to annex all of ancient Israel, which God never gave them, and which they have never ruled. Stated plainly, the old northern kingdom does not belong to the Jews.

Not only is this is logical based on scriptures, it fits historically. Those areas were occupied by the ancestors of Palestinians before, during, and after Jesus’ time, including 1,800 years after the diaspora with virtually no Judeans living there at all. It is only recently that the Jews have returned – or invaded – depending on one’s point of view.

So let the Jews have the land of Judea, which is their original gift from God and includes Jerusalem. In return, the Palestinians keep Gaza and all of the old northern kingdom, including Tel Aviv, where their ancestors have lived continuously for over 2,500 years.

After Palestine becomes two separate states, if the Jews want to expel any non-Jew from Judea because it pleases their sick Jewish God, then so be it. And if the Palestinians want to expel any non-Muslim from their country because it pleases their sick Islamic God, then so be it.

It is a tragedy that Jews and Muslims have not elevated love and reason above all other things. The same could be said about Christians, who turned the great reformer Jesus into a new god business, ironically, after he rebuked the one built on Moses. Jesus called us brothers and sisters and taught that love and the golden rule should be our master. But instead of taking this great universal truth to heart, priestcrafters put him above us, so they can try to be above us in his absence. This is the same reason the other sicknesses put their icons Moses and Mohammed above us.

Religions are the spiritual equivalent of contagious physical illnesses. And anyone who puts anything above love and the golden rule is terminally ill.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Socialism Wins

The first principle of reason is to treat others as you would be treated. The concept is innate knowledge, and even infants understand it, though they lack the ability to articulate the concept. Indeed, by the time a child can talk, the idea is the first wisdom that they can express with words. In fact, so exceptional is this one single principle, it is literally the only thing that all rational adults agree on.

Certainly many people do not obey this “golden rule,” especially among the young, for we all cling to selfishness, but no one denies it. To do so would publicly humiliate oneself, since the idea carries its own authority.

Reasoning also concludes there is another facet to this universal principle, which is that we should love each other. This also becomes self-evident, for no rational person wishes others to be unkind to them.

More than anywhere else in our lives, love and reason are seen in their fullest flower within the family unit. Our spouses, children, parents, friends and relatives are the happiest part of our lives. So the concept as it applies to society is clear: The golden rule and love must be the core foundation in any proper system of governance – and the most loving and reasonable structure is a family.

What are the basic rights of every family member? Food, shelter, clothes, and to be cared for when one is unable to provide for themselves. In other words, one’s basic rights are one’s basic needs. Therefore, these are the basic rights of every citizen. And this is altogether fair, since every one of us lives under a government that we did not design, but are subjected to, just as we were born into a family over which we had no control. And note, taking the principle further, anything that controls others must be benevolent in its design and behavior, or it forfeits the right to lead, just as bad parents lose custody of their children.

The family principle always applies, whether at the top where the system is designed, or at the bottom in prisons, where citizens are sent to reconsider their violations of the golden rule and spare the innocent further suffering, just as wayward children are punished by being confined to their room.

The government must reflect that we are all one family – the most loving societal structure we know – or the system is wrong.

And herein is a fundamental problem with raw capitalism. When a system allows the domination of peers, then this is not family, but slavery. In fact, pure capitalism is essentially a form of war, since it not only allows taking advantage of others, it rewards it. Insult to injury, it even punishes charity, for any generous act is a step towards one’s own poverty without the safety net of minimum standards. “Everyone for themselves” fails miserably without a counterbalance for the entire group.

On the other hand, communism, with its imaginary equality of every member, also falls short. Though everyone may be equal in value, not everyone is equal in abilities. A dandelion is not the same as a sequoia. Moreover, if everybody receives an equal share of the fruits of labor, no matter what effort they contribute, then laziness flourishes and creativity dies. In short, the system collapses under the weight of freeloaders, while the lack of tangible reward for extra effort is demoralizing. “One size fits all” fails miserably without a counterbalance for individuality.

Ultimately, the idea of a nation being a family is better reflected in socialist governments. This is because they do a better job of incorporating the universal truth of love and the golden rule. In other words, a socialist nation more closely resembles a family and therefore succeeds where the other systems do not.

The family principle also makes it easy to see how citizens should pay for government. Obviously, the higher the income an individual has, then the higher percentage of taxes they must pay for the upkeep of the family. Those who earn very little should pay the lowest percentage. Parents always spend a much greater percentage of their money on the children, rather than the other way around.

What about maximums or minimums on how much income a citizen can earn?

First, the idea of a maximum is contrary to the idea of life itself. Limits to an individual’s growth should be subject only to fairness and the needs of fellow citizens. While peers must not suffer hardship because of another’s prosperity, restricting someone’s growth out of envy is profoundly wrong. So there should not be income caps. But if an individual is fortunate enough to earn a billion dollars a year, then obviously he should be paying at least 90% in income tax, which is the way our government once was. After all, everyone earns their living with the direct and indirect help of countless other people. And only being able to keep 100 million dollars for oneself is a problem most of us would like to have.

As for minimums, even though babies burden the upkeep of the home, (meaning criminals and those who refuse to pull their weight), they are still granted the basic necessities of life. And if one is unsure exactly what those minimums should be, then the place to start is by guaranteeing that law-abiding citizens are entitled to at least whatever is granted to prison inmates. This principle is self-explanatory and carries its own authority.

But “everyone will freeload” say our greedy capitalist masters. Nonsense. Think it through… Rooming in a jail-sized space, little privacy, public showers and toilets, rules and curfews, doing community service work for your upkeep… The concept is more of a halfway house – a bridge. The point is, family members would not be cast out. Who among us would willingly allow their selfish teenagers to perish, even if they were lazy and self-indulgent?

And never forget, some of these people in such dire circumstances are innocent, perhaps even sainted. We’ve all seen people who were injured or infirmed by accident or by the hand of others, while some precious individuals are suffering because they voluntarily interceded to help someone else!

Yet, while this goes on, some wealthy people are making 200,000 times more per year than minimum wage. Who on earth is worth that much more than their hard working employees? These are peers we are talking about! Equal human beings! Who can justify such an obscenity with so many broken people that cannot support themselves, much less their families?

And none of this begins to the address the tens of millions of citizens that are unemployed or underemployed, or the hundred million people who are underpaid through no fault of their own. In fact, minimum wage should be doubled, perhaps even tripled.

How can anyone with great riches ignore the poverty of their neighbors? Only capitalists and their sycophants even try to justify it, though every wealthy person attained their lofty position with an incalculable amount of help from the rest of humanity. 

But all people will never be wise, for there will always be children, so selfishness and crimes will continue, and sometimes succeed, to the detriment of many innocent people. And though punishment may come to pass, in this age or the next, the remedy for victims is often beyond our mortal power to resolve...

So what choices do we have?

Should we leave it to god to provide assistance to our brethren? Or is that just a miserable excuse we use to justify doing nothing? 

Or should we emulate the highest principle in every day and age, which is love and the golden rule, and become the family we were meant to be.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crime Of The Century

There are tens of thousands of steel framed skyscrapers throughout the world. Not once have any of them collapsed without the use of explosives – until September 11, 2001… according to our government.

And on that amazing first time in history, not just one, but three of them crumbled!

In addition, if that is not astounding enough, all three went down as straight as arrows, with zero toppling whatsoever. In other words, they literally collapsed into their own footprints!

Moreover, and this is astonishing to the point of miraculous, all three buildings fell close to, or in actual fact, at the speed of gravity! This means free-falling, with no resistance from the steel structure under them – and no resistance from the steel structure woven into them! 


What really happened?

The so-called investigation by our government says it was the result of fires, but the blazes were all quite small. On the other hand, explosives fit the evidence perfectly. Every floor, in every building, shattered one after the other, with precision robotic timing, and then fell with perfect symmetry, without any jagged breakage between the floors as they collapsed. Nor was there any jagged breakage on any of the sides as they crumbled. In the construction business they call such a thing controlled demolition, which is exactly what happened that day – to all three buildings!

At this point I need to digress a moment… Here’s a simplistic analogy: If 100 people each own 1% of the 100 largest military-industrial conglomerates, then 100 people own everything. Mainstream media, which the wealthy also own, implies that anyone who questions “official” government explanations is crazy. This intimidates most critics from speaking up and keeps the bulk of the sheeple from actually thinking. But intelligent people know those “news” outlets are nothing more than the public relations departments of those corporations and their moguls – who in turn control our government. Are you aware that just 400 people own as much as 50% of the world’s population? And these new age monarchs control virtual armies of sycophants, who work to ensure their benefactor’s continued financial supremacy, and to make sure the masses toil away their lives for the barest minimums, which makes such affluence possible. The reality is that the super-rich have conquered democracy with mutant capitalism. One look at our Congress is all the evidence needed, for our high officials are dependent on multi-millionaire and billionaire sponsors for the cost of their elections, basically purchasing their esteemed positions. The result is that democratic leaders have become mere spokesmodels for the interests of world’s financial elite, while the military enforces their monopolistic designs.

The United States has a long history of falsifying information or provoking other nations in order to justify going to war. (For example, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which we manufactured in order to start the Vietnam War.) Our government has wanted a say in the business and politics of the Middle East for a long time – and now we have it. This is thanks to manipulating public support for the conquest of those lands, achieved by blaming 9/11 on “terrorists” and then transferring the guilt to an entire region and religion.

In fact, for the first time in history, zealots of the Christian and Jewish religions are in complete agreement, having been herded by wicked shepherds to support attacking any Islamic country. But they are both just as sick as Islam, as all three of them shamefully pretend to speak for god. (Everyone has access to the spirit of God, much better described as the spirit of love and reason, which communicates with all of us at the highest level each of us is able to understand. No intermediaries are necessary.)

I know that many citizens have great difficulty believing our highest government officials and military leaders could have had a hand in something so evil, but we’ve been doing such things for a century, and the evidence of our complicity on 9/11 is overwhelming. The only question is to what degree our involvement extends…

The official story behind the events of that day is impossible!

Consider some of the facts and unanswered questions…

● The skyscrapers were built to withstand airplane crashes.
● The skyscrapers were built to withstand raging infernos.
● New shell companies became WTC tenants in preceding months.
● Abnormal increase of new faces working night shifts.
● Months of private maintenance work in elevator shafts.
● Several complete facility “power downs” in the preceding weeks.
● Osama Bin Laden was a CIA operative.
● Bush and Bin Laden families have been friends for decades.
● Bush’s father, also a President, was former head of the CIA.
● Bush's brother and cousin were officers of the WTC security company.
● PNAC wanted "New Pearl Harbor” to mobilize nation for imperialism.

At That Time
● Air traffic controller alerts were stalled by officials.
● NORAD was told to stand down when planes deviated off course.
● Bush socialized 25 minutes after 2nd plane hit. (Why do nothing?)
● Cheney was in emergency command center when first plane hit.
● Nano-thermite (high-tech explosive) residue was everywhere.
● Witnesses heard explosions on all the floors, even basements.
● Fires in all 3 buildings miniscule compared to construction standards.
● Jet fuel and office fires burn 1,000 degrees cooler than molten steel.
● Hot steel doesn’t shatter, it bends.
● Many of the alleged hijackers are living in the Middle East.
● New insurance policies on World Trade Center paid out billions.
● Airline stocks were ten to one in favor of “put” versus “call” orders.
● Planes made maneuvers that novice pilots could not perform.
● WTC building 7 housed clandestine CIA offices.

● No evidence of attack by any Muslim country.
● The “terrorists” were Saudis but Iraq was declared guilty (the next day).
● Airplane black boxes failed or were not recovered – all 8 of them.
● Government has classified over 3,000 files.
● Government falsified results in its sham investigation.
● Bin Laden’s family members flown out of U.S. on 9/12 w/o questioning.
● President and Vice President refused to testify under oath.
● President and Vice President refused to testify separately.
● President and Vice President refused to testify publically.
● President and Vice President’s testimony is sealed.
● Debris shipped to Asian scrap companies before investigation.
● Molten steel in lower levels, 80 stories below fires and 2 weeks after.
● Millions in airline stock trade profits went uncollected (fear of inquiry).
● Kuwaiti gold missing from vaults under WTC 1 & 2.
● Key people surrounding the events have died suspiciously.
● Wikipedia write-ups are repeatedly ghost edited to be neutered. 

The problem so many citizens have is that they simply cannot envision any of their leaders being that wicked – because they would never do such a thing themselves. But do people become billionaires making 200,000 times more per year than some of their employees (equal human beings) because they care about others? And they are the ones who install our leaders, who are required to do their master’s bidding or they can never reach higher offices in the first place. Same thing goes for high ranking military officials – they either support the status quo at all times or their career advancement stops. Maintaining and expanding our corporate empire is our military’s primary function. Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in history, was right about our wicked leadership and corporate overlords, and that was 70 years ago!

Consider the results of 9/11…

● The United States increasingly controls Middle East oil.
● The United States increasingly influences Middle East politics.
● The United States and Israel increasingly alter Middle East culture.
● Radical Zionism has increased its power in Israel.
● CIA conducting covert operations in dozens of Islamic countries.
● Habeas Corpus and parts of our Bill of Rights revoked by Patriot Act.
● Constitution itself essentially revoked by Patriot Act.
● Citizen tracking from cradle to grave, including all computer activity.
● Our government now assassinates citizens without trials, or hearings.
● Life time prison sentences without trial or hearing.
● Torture and rendering legalized.
● Police state laws are proliferating.

Most wealthy people are delighted to see these changes, since they view common folks as things to be controlled and used like equipment. Like the royalty of days gone by, these kind of people are expert at taking advantage of others – using brute force when they can get away with it, and when they can’t, their every kindness is weighed against the probability of an excess return. And sadly, for the first time since the Reformation, they are reversing the gains of the common man in the western nations. The kings and queens of yesterday have been replaced by billionaires, whose dynasties also go on for generations.

This concludes my random thoughts on the crime of 9/11, which the rich and their minions say never happened. There are dozens of other points and unanswered questions, as well, but I skipped them in the interest of brevity, as this article was not intended to be an exhaustive discussion. This is just a quick list of things to consider for those who are unfamiliar with the topic.

Who can say whether or not we will ever know the truth in this lifetime, though I’m sure a higher power will sort out the cosmic arithmetic eventually – in this age or the next. But one thing is certain: We have not been told the truth by our government! The crime of the century was our own doing, at least in part. Perhaps our top intelligence officials even authored the plan from start to finish. But at a minimum, 9/11 was facilitated and then covered up by the secret services that make our country the world’s de facto ruler. It is not without reason that we have over 1,000 military bases, installations, and information gathering offices in every corner of the globe, or that we spend over 55% of our annual budget on the military. Would you spend more than half your money on something and never use it?

If your interest is piqued, then please watch a stunning video about 9/11, which was done by several years ago and is hosted by Ed Asner. (It runs a short 15 minutes.) They are a group of architects and engineers calling for a genuine investigation of the events of that day. I urge you to invest just a few more minutes to watch this enlightening commentary. Here is the link:

Saturday, November 10, 2012


We know that a person’s mind influences their actions. So our behavior could be called the output of the mind, at least in general terms. This begs the question: What about mind input?

The past forty years have seen dozens of large U.S. media corporations merged into just six giant conglomerates. They own almost all of mainstream media, including film, television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The problem is that their major stockholders, typically billionaires, select the boards of directors, who in turn set the management that chooses what the public sees and hears – and how it’s presented. Obviously, the slant is to benefit those wealthy owners.

Especially disconcerting is the pathetic state of major news outlets, which have become nothing more than the public relations arm of the military-industrial complex. The same people own it all. And they aim to keep it that way.

Having conquered our information systems, the wealthy have also developed a stranglehold on Congressional policymaking. In fact, they voted that corporations should be treated like people, while real humans are regarded as equipment and have less control of their government than any time since the American Revolution. And this is largely because news networks are used by rich owners to subtly promote agendas which decrease our civil rights and income, while they get corporate immunity and skyrocketing profits.

We have, however, maintained our conceited delusions of superiority over all other nations, which the propagandists peddle to our vanity in place of real knowledge and compassion. This is wickedly brilliant, since it’s much cheaper for the wealthy than treating us fairly, which would then be followed by our demands they treat the rest of the world better, too.

One proof of this homeland brainwashing is that out of the thirty modern Western nations, we are the only one that has not yet implemented Medicare for all its citizens. Yet our health care expenses are twice as much as those other countries and our life spans are shorter. Other nations are awakening to see themselves as a family, but here, we primitively cling to competition being more important than cooperation.

We may think we’re superior, but most of the world sees the United States as selfish, stupid and violent. This is not 1945 – and the criticism is valid.

No longer the moral icon among the nations of the world, we are morphing into a military and police state with an economy that is utterly dependent on war. The only thing our nation excels at now is the creation of soldiers, spy technologies, and the export and usage of weapons and military advisors.

Adding to this sad state of affairs, the owners of our military-industrial complex have manipulated government policies to decrease funding and lower expectations in our public schools, which is no concern to the rich, since their children attend private schools. Decades ago, the wealthy foresaw the economic parity that was coming for the nations of the world. So their only choice was to either share the blessings of life more equitably, or find ways to dumb down and cower the masses in order that we accept even less.

Once world famous, our public schools are being reduced to daycare centers and half of all teachers quit within 5 years. Most high school students graduate with minimal skills and precious little cognitive ability. These youngsters are woefully unqualified for the modern workplace and soon discover that their only employment choices are as soldiers or policemen, that is, if they want to earn enough to support a family. College is not a viable option for many of them, either financially or academically, so those who remain outside this new national order are destined for poverty, working a lifetime at minimum wage.

Exacerbating the problem is the entertainment industry, which specializes in movies and video games that teach us to revel in military conquests and police work, or their affiliated careers. These fields are expanding because the plutocracy needs them in order to keep control abroad – and control at home. Just watch television any night of the week and you can plainly see our future aspirations in the programming. Almost every show involves killing or police related work, usually both. By age 18 the average child in the United States has witnessed 16,000 murders.

Once our leaders taught us that adults should stand up for what is right. Now they imply that grown-ups don’t question authority and do what they’re told. No thank you. Real adults obey the golden rule.

But if you watch mainstream news, everything is rosy as airhead broadcasters ignore our nation’s madness in exchange for suckling from the crotch of billionaires... What endless wars? No dead soldiers are ever seen. No dead civilians are ever seen. No broken hearted survivors are ever shown wailing in grief. And always, always, always, we are in the right. To hear newscasters tell it, anyone broken by our system deserves their river of tears. And if you fight against that system you risk drowning in your own.

Another example of the brainwashing is how the owners of major media outlets prevent serious, in-depth discussions about how badly the world’s resources are being strained. And as they gloss over the problem, the other corporations they own are raping the environment unchecked by even basic common sense. Consider the contrast: It took 200,000,000 years for oil, gas and coal to be formed that we will consume in 200 years. The same astronomical period of time was required for the mountains to rise, but now we blast an entire peak into gravel in a single second. These things will not grow back.

The profound dichotomy that is splitting western society needs to be examined – and stopped. Why does the number of our citizens in poverty keep rising? Unable to support their families, they skimp on essentials, have no health care, and increasingly find themselves among the homeless. Yet this is happening while the income of the wealthiest is rising faster than any time in history! Something is very wrong. Only a child – or a demon – truly believes a person is entitled to make 200,000 times more per year than the equal human beings that work for them. But that is what some executives are earning compared to minimum wage. Enough already!

Three fallacies the brainwashing networks and corrupt politicians keep selling us are the wisdom of trickle-down economics, that the wealthy are job creators, and that our leadership protects the masses. All are patently false.

In the case of trickle-down economics, we only need to consider the history of mankind, which shows that the powerful have always taken more than their fair share from the peasantry. Unlike a family, wherein the strong uplift the weak, the hierarchy of trickle-down economics is akin to royalty controlling feudal lords, who in turn control the peasants… And it yields the same impoverished results.

As for the wealthy being job-creators, that is equally absurd. From Henry Ford to the Wright Brothers, Microsoft to Facebook, history shows it is small businesses that invent the new industries that create new wealth. When these companies mature and get bigger, having spawned numerous competitors, then they only vie with each other for market share. If Ford adds 5,000 jobs, then Toyota loses 5,000.

Lastly, the rich have never protected us. This fiction only serves to distract us from the truth that our nation is an abuser, both at home and abroad, and that we have been victimizing parts the world for a long time now. Yet the billionaire mouthpieces of nightly news keep leading us to kill foreigners so the plutocracy can control the world’s natural resources.

Of course, it’s hard to see this in most media coverage because they no longer show the tears of our vanquished. Honest reporting ruined Vietnam’s industrial cash cow by showing the war’s horrors, which reversed public opinion. Truthful news is very bad for the bottom line when your business is taking advantage of others, and the aristocracy doesn’t intend to let it happen again. This is why they pander to our vanity and conceit, always subtly assuring us that other cultures are inferior. That is the unspoken lie that is always implied about the people we kill, though it is only about the money for our masters. Just as they led us to ravage the American Indian for free land, enslave the Africans for cheap labor, then slaughter the Vietnamese and Central Americans to install profit based political systems, so it is we now crush the Middle Easterners to control their oil wealth.

Stop and think. If someone doesn’t like us, how is that permission to kill them? Yet a single Saudi Arabian, living in Pakistan, was used to popularize the military conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which had injured us in the slightest. Nor were they planning to. And now we covertly control their oil and politics, while a million of them have died, two million were injured, and three million are refugees. And this is only part of the story, since secret intelligence operations have been undermining the entire region for decades. Yet none of this is featured on the evening propaganda. Once we led by example, but now we lead by the sword and call it wisdom.

Here is the painful truth about our beloved United States: Over and over, our political leaders have led us astray after selling us out for money and power. And the entire spectrum of major media, now representing the wealthy first and foremost, has become the plutocracy’s biggest asset in brainwashing us to do their evil deeds. Because of that, among the so-called modern nations, we are the bloodiest government in the world, and the most selfish to its own people.

I cannot overstate the importance of my original question: What about mind input? You wouldn’t eat dirt and you shouldn’t allow it mentally.

Getting your news from independent sources is mandatory if you really want to be informed. This usually means going to the internet, but even here, caution is required, as increasingly more outlets are being established, purchased, or influenced by the rich.

The Dark Ages of scientific and philosophical ignorance came to an end with The Reformation, which forced the separation of church and state.

The most important thing for our world right now is the separation of business and state.

Perhaps another Age of Enlightenment would follow.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lottery Elections & Voting Reform

A one party political system is a dictatorship. A two party political system is the same tyranny if an outside group controls both. And this is the situation the United States is dangerously approaching, because corporate billionaires now choose the candidates in every national election. In other words, no politician can afford to run for the higher offices without the support of the wealthy, so candidates promote policies that favor the tiny minority of rich people – at the expense of the vast majority of regular citizens

A fair political arena would not only allow, but encourage, a multitude of opinions, instead of just two versions of the same monopoly. Indeed, a proper election system would have numerous candidates, all running as an independent without parties. In this way, politicians would stand or fall on their own merits, rather than their promoters.

One solution for getting independent people into government again is to have all elections begin with lotteries. In addition, all losing votes should rollover until just one candidate remains with the most ballots cast in their favor.

Though slight variations would be needed for the individual states, the general idea of Lottery Elections is simple. The basic format is as follows...

President and Vice-President
● Current or recent Governors or Congresspersons may register for the lottery.
● Randomly chosen candidates are selected from this pool to run for election.
● Public television carries candidate debates/discussions.
● Most votes wins President and second most Vice-President.

State Office (Governors or Congresspersons)
● Current or recent District Representatives may register for the lottery.
● Randomly chosen candidates are selected from this pool to run for election.
● Public television carries candidate debates/discussions.

Regional Office (District Representatives)
● Current or recent Local Representatives may register for the lottery.
● Randomly chosen candidates are selected from this pool to run for election.
● Public television carries candidate debates/discussions.

Local Representative (City/County Councils)
● Local residents may register for the lottery.
● Randomly chosen candidates are selected from this pool to run for election.
● Public television carries candidate debates/discussions.

Additional rules include that officials may only serve one elected term at each level of government service. Nor may they be paid lobbyists after leaving office. And again, every vote cast for a losing candidate rolls over until the most popular candidate is determined and declared the winner.

The way “rollover” works is that voters rate every candidate in preferential order when they vote. For example, if five candidates are running for President, you vote for one, but also select your 2nd preference, 3rd preference, etc. This eliminates less wanted candidates from winning by a fluke. History shows that contestants are occasionally so similar that they split the vote and a much less wanted candidate wins. Rollover prevents this. Here is an example to clarify the concept further…

Candidate A:  Different than other candidates.  Receives  4% of the votes.  
Candidate B:  Different than other candidates.  Receives  6% of the votes.  
Candidate C:  Nearly identical to candidate D.  Receives 28% of the votes. 
Candidate D:  Nearly identical to candidate C.  Receives 30% of the votes. 
Candidate E:  Different than other candidates.  Receives 32% of the votes. 

Without rollover, Candidate E wins narrowly. But with rollover, losing votes go to the next selection a voter made. In this example, Candidate C or D would be the second choice for almost everyone that voted for either of them. So Candidate D would win by a huge margin when most of C’s votes rolled over to D as their second choice. (Note the low vote count is always redistributed first.) In this example, even if every voter for A had selected B for their second choice, B would still only have 10%. So now B is also eliminated and both A and B have their votes redistributed to the next choice on their ballots (who is not yet eliminated). This goes on until the winner is determined.

Security is another important consideration…

Computer vote counting risks the theft of entire elections by a very small group of people. In addition, it is too easy to invade privacy if who you voted for is tracked electronically.

Manual counting deters theft, yet ensures voter privacy. The volunteers who donate time to count votes during election years have always enjoyed this community service anyway. And with everyone watching each other count, plus all the double checking, the overall results are almost impossible to steal. Given the massive benefits, it doesn’t hurt to wait a few hours for election results to come in.

As an extra safeguard, ballots would be paper and designed similar to raffle tickets. This means every voter is given a double ballot with a unique serial number printed on both halves. The voter retains the duplicate stub after punching both halves in a voting booth. Voters can then go online and anonymously reference their ballot’s serial number against a registry of votes cast. Any discrepancies would be addressed by visiting the local voting commission, stub in hand, to correct the error.

Lottery elections mean the end of career politicians. Plus, they ensure the better candidates can rise to the top by requiring elections after the drawings. They would result in the restoration of true citizen politicians and curtail the influence of the wealthy, whose total domination of election funding has effectively purchased the government for their own use. Lastly, the structure guarantees that the most important offices have candidates with sufficient experience in government.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Other Title Is Funnier

Does anyone else think that some religious people are no better than dogs when they react with violence over an insult to their religion?

A case in point would be the recent video in the news and how some Muslims reacted with murderous riots over the perceived insult. Isn’t it time they grow up and act like adults? Because people who will kill over an insult, real or imaginary, are a disgrace to humanity.

In the past year I have been active in a number of Virginia localities to stop Christian prayers that have crept into government meetings. My efforts have included editorial letters, emails, phone calls, and numerous occasions that I have spoken in front of boards of supervisors. Some of those meetings were full houses, jam packed with Christians and their priestcrafters, many of whom were obviously hostile towards me.

Yet, for all the angry emails and nasty phone calls I have received, all the hateful looks and snide remarks – not once have I been attacked, or even threatened by a Christian for criticizing that religion. Had I done these same things regarding Islam in a Muslim county, not only would I have been beaten and jailed repeatedly, I would have been killed several times.

So between Christian and Islamic influenced cultures, there is a tangible difference in the degree of mental illness they represent (only we know the true God and you must agree with us), though some betterment is due to western laws guaranteeing freedom of religion and separation of church and state.

In closing, Islam deserves insults, non-stop, until the violent mutts within that religion are cast out by other followers. So in light of what they deserve, my alternate title for this missive will be: Islam is Mental Dog Food.

I’ll change my opinion when they change their behavior.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Keep Abortion Legal

Just as plants grow, mature, and then fade, so it is with people’s bodies. The vessels our spirits dwell in are literally organic machines, for our body’s growth and decline happens automatically, from start to finish, just as it does with plants.

The only part of us that is not organic machinery is our spirit, that life force which animates us and wherein each of us recognizes the “I am” of our individual essence. So the vessels we will dwell in begin at conception, but our actual spiritual life inside these machines begins when?

Surely we do not put on clothes while their fabrics are being woven, though after weaving, the cloth might possibly be cut and sewn while wearing it. Surely no one moves into a house at the start of construction, though once the foundation is in and the framework erected, then we might live there while the building is completed. So some amount of structure must come to pass before a thing can actually be used, and this same principle applies to our souls inhabiting our bodies while they are under construction in the womb.

As to the moment a soul takes up residence in a fetus happens, we do not know. Personally, I believe the moment of unity between flesh and spirit depends on the parents and the child to be, so it might be very early in the pregnancy in some cases. But it is also clear that some pregnancies are miscarried or stillborn, often when the parents truly wanted a child. So where was the unity of body and soul in those cases? It was absent is the answer. So who can truly know the moment of union? Or why it does, or does not happen?

But this we do know…

Inhaling is the first thing all newborns do or they will not live. And the last thing all of us will do in our lifetime here is exhale. This testifies to our actual physical life on Earth existing in breathing. I repeat: The first thing every person does is inhale and the last thing every person does is exhale. Our life begins and ends with breathing.

Since no one can move into a home at the start of construction, and because of the facts about breathing, I believe that the union of body and soul on Earth most often begins around the time a fetus might be able to breathe on its own if born prematurely, and that a fetus is only organic machinery until such time.

Interestingly, this timeframe correlates to about the time most fetuses begin to move in the womb.

So abortion, while often a difficult decision to make (my wife and I know this well), must remain legal.

But aside from the evidence which leads to the preceding conclusions, there is another principle to consider: Namely, that it is the height of folly to presume to dictate what other people can or cannot do with their own bodies, much less what is inside their bodies, which originated from inside their bodies in the first place!

Such an attitude on the part of anti-abortionists is incredibly arrogant, at least in the case of early term pregnancies, for it actually negates the rights of what already exists – which is the physical and spiritual parents – in favor of a machine that is likely not yet occupied. Put bluntly, by way of analogy, anti-abortionists demand that we let the tail wag the dog. 

In closing, the bottom line is that controlling what someone does with what is inside of their body is a form of slavery, just as if you were controlling their entire body, and is therefore utter wickedness. And how conceited and pretentious it is for the anti-abortionist to pretend to know what is best for others in this world, much less those spirits who come from another dimension.

Lastly, it is important to digress and point out that those who claim abortion is “a woman’s right” are mistaken. Generally it is the right of both parents to decide. It takes two to make a pregnancy and the father’s rights must be respected. If the parents cannot agree, only then does it becomes the woman’s right to make the tiebreaking decision, since she is the one who carries the pregnancy and is typically also the primary caretaker for the early years.

Note that if the mother wants the baby and the father does not, then she will be responsible for all of the child’s financial support, but he in turn loses all child contact, visitation and custody rights.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Letter To Pittsylvania County

Approximately 325 years after Jesus died a council of church leaders decided which of the books in their many different Bibles should be declared the official word of “God”. This was done by voting, by men who made their living selling it.

The Bible says that God spoke to Moses, but how do you know? Because the Bible says so. The Koran says that God spoke to Mohammed, do you believe that? No. Why not? Because you don’t. And so, because you do or don’t is all the reason you have, except you say that Mohammed was an impostor. And how do you know Moses was not an imposter? The fact is that everyone who claims to speak for God to you is delusional – or a liar.

The religious marketers who first invented Christian systems, combining business ideas with the love for each other taught by the great reformer Jesus, knew it would sell much better than their existing mythologies. For centuries after his passing they added more and more fiction to his teachings for power and profit, until the business of selling spiritual love was perfected. Then the age of scientific ignorance commenced as Catholicism gained a stranglehold and church and state shared power. It was only the Reformation that ended that darkness, but now Protestants, benefactors of that reform, threaten all independent people again.

When we look at the hundreds of different brands of Christianity, we find there is nothing the priestcrafters all agree on, except they put Jesus above us so they can be above us in his absence. They all believe differently, but they all know best, and the only thing in common is claiming everyone else is wrong.

Some will ask: Is there no word of God for us? Of course there is! The word of God is our conscience within us, which innately tells us to love each other and do unto others as we would have done unto us. This is an idea so powerful it carries its own authority as the truth. But with this one giant pearl, the man-made fables annexed to it, for power and profit, are often given the benefit of the doubt. It's very hard to allow oneself to think when churches brainwash you that questioning them is wicked.

Would a caterpillar tell other caterpillars they did not know the way to become a butterfly? Or course not. They innately know the right things to do, and so do we. Everyone has access to God, which, rather than an individual being, is much better described as the spirit of love and reason. And that spirit communicates with us at the highest level each of us is able to understand.

Religions are the spiritual equivalent of contagious physical illnesses. And putting any religion above the simple love and reason we are born with is the same thing as being terminally ill.

Compared to love, no religion has ever mattered, or ever will, except to people who are spiritually dead!


Background Notes:

Pittsylvania County is being sued for offering Christian prayers at their board meetings, a clear violation of the separation of church and state. Franklin County, the adjoining county where I live, was doing the same thing until I protested (not only the un-Constitutionality of the practice, but also the wisdom). This resulted in Franklin County dropping the practice “pending the outcome of the lawsuit in Pittsylvania County”.

In turn, that resulted in me attending Pittsylvania County meetings to speak against them.

I was forbidden from reading this letter at the Pittsylvania County board meeting last Tuesday. (I had previously been allotted 3 minutes to speak.) They passed a new ordinance (one hour before the board meeting at a hastily assembled get-together) that forbids non-county residents from speaking. This was done solely because of me, as I had spoke at the two previous meetings against their persecution of non-Christians. The embarrassment they felt at being unable to answer even one of my previous questions resulted in them deciding to forbid all outsiders to speak. 

As for me, I know that love and the golden rule is the highest authority, the innate truth that carries its own authority and that we are all born with this knowledge, though some bury it under selfishness. I will never submit my soul to man-made religions, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or any of the other assaults on our natural individuality and independence of thought.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Bible Is Not The Word Of God

For the past couple of months I have been working to stop Franklin County's policy of opening their meetings with Christian prayers. (First privately, then publicly when that failed.)

Last Friday, one of the Board members told me that they have decided to go back to non-denominational prayers only. (At least until a higher court rules on the ACLU's lawsuit against neighboring Pittsylvania County, who had been opening their meetings with Christian prayers, until an injunction stopped them.)

Why don't these so-called leaders read the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Church and State are to be kept separate. For the protection of both!

These actions of mine have resulted in total strangers calling me, most of them with hostile insults. I have also received a number of similar emails. And every one of them is a righteous Christian, of course.

The letter that follows is one of the few responses I bothered to write to any of these detractors, since he was at least polite.

I share it in hopes of getting more people to think about what they believe, versus what they know, which are not the same concepts.

He began the conversation by sending me an email, to which I replied, to which he countered (without addressing a single point I made), and so I ended our exchange with this final reply...


The Bible is the Word of God? No thank you!
I'll take love and the golden rule.
As for Thomas Paine? I won't waste time arguing your errors, but I can tell you he is a hero to me.
Note the golden rule is not based on the Bible, but rather is an innate knowledge within all mankind. The idea literally carries its own authority as the truth. We choose to obey it, or not. This universal truth is always co-opted by priestcrafters to help sell fictional authority over us.
Nor is Jesus above us. He was just a great teacher, turned into a new and improved religious business, after he got killed trying to end the Moses business. (All religions put icons above us, so their priestcrafters can be above us in their icon's absence.)
Bible quote:
“God said, “Take your son to the land of Moriah and kill your son there as a sacrifice for me.” Genesis 22:2)
This is the word of God?
No. This is the word of a demon.
1. A real God would be too good to ask such a thing.
2. A real God would be too almighty to need to.
3. We put people in jail or asylums if they set out to do such thing!
Bible quote:
“Kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.” Numbers 31:17-18)
This too, is the word of demon.
1. God wants orphans?
2. To be sex slaves?
3. Owned by murderers?
4. Of their families?
This particular passage is one of the most wicked ideas ever written by man. And the wicked author put the words in God's mouth, no less!
The Bible is not the word of God! It is the word of men... 
Bible quote:
“I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” (1 Timothy 2:12)
1. Aside from the obvious that we all had mothers…..
2. Are female bosses an offense to God?
3. A grown man should live his life and learn nothing from half the world?
4. You married? Is your wife too stupid to teach you anything? Of course not.
Bible quote:
 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the churches and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.”(Matthew 6:5-6)
So why are you disobeying your Word of God!?
But the bottom line point here is that the whole affair is a matter of Constitutional principle and that our government must be religiously neutral.
As far as I'm concerned, people like you are persecutors, believing it their right to privately contact and intrude on strangers with a different point of view… We can agree to disagree, which for both of us is our right, but please leave me alone. (I will concede that you have at least been gentlemanly, which is more than I can say for many others who represent your brand of God.)
You should really look into Deism. Love and the golden rule is all the religion we need.
I wish you well.
Good bye.
Dave Gresham


Here is the first email reply I sent to him. I hoped this might make him stop and think, even imagining he might search for Thomas Paine's brilliant book on the internet (public domain). But when he replied with brainwashed Christian lies about Paine, I realized it was not to be and sent him the second email you just read…


   Thomas Paine, one of America's founding fathers, explains the falsehood of bible authority better than I can. The following words, paraphrased and abridged, are drawn from a letter he wrote to a friend, and also from his book The Age of Reason, which was the most controversial book in history for 60 years, until Darwin's Origin of the Species.

   "You cite quotations from the Bible, which you call the word of God, to show my opinions on religion are wrong. However, I could give you as many quotes from the same book to show yours are wrong, so the Bible settles nothing as it decides any way we choose. But by what authority do you call the Bible the “word of God?” This is the first point to be settled!

  It is not your calling it so that makes it true, any more than Muslims calling the Koran the “word of God” makes that true. Popish councils voted the books that now comprise the New Testament to be the “word of God.” This was done by yeas and nays as we vote a law. They rejected some, voted others doubtful, such as the books called the Apocrypha, and those books which had a majority of votes are presented as God’s official word.

The Pharisees of the second temple selected the books that comprise the Old Testament, which is also represented to us as God's official word.

And this is all the authority there is, which is no authority at all. I am as capable of judging for myself as they were, and even more, because they made a living by their religion, so they had an interest in the vote they made.

It is said in the Bible that God spoke to Moses, but how do you know? Because, you say, the Bible says so. The Koran says that God spoke to Mohammed, do you believe that too? No. Why not? Because, you say you do not believe it. And so, because you do, and because you do not, is all the reason you can give for believing or disbelieving, except that you will say that Mohammed was an impostor. And how do you know Moses was not an imposter? As for me, all are impostors who pretend to deliver instructions from God.

That bloodthirsty man, called the prophet Samuel, makes God say, (1 Sam. 15:3), “Now go and smite Amalek and utterly destroy man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.” It is blasphemy to believe that God decreed it. All our ideas of the justice and goodness of God revolt at such impious cruelty. It is not a God, just and good, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes here!"

Paine's logic is irrefutable. And as for his book The Age of Reason (note there are two major parts and one minor), it should be required reading for anyone who proselytizes. See for yourself why Thomas Jefferson loved him like a brother, or why Abraham Lincoln said "I never tire of reading Paine." Then take a copy to your clergyman and watch the discomfort.

   When it gets right down to it, priestcrafters make a living serving their neighbors in ways the rest of us do for free. This by itself is not wrong, as some people have no one else to call. But make no mistake, anyone who has subjected themselves to be ruled by love has all the religion they need.

Best wishes,
Dave Gresham