Saturday, October 1, 2011

The New Crusades

Why is the United States occupying the Middle East?

Reasons frequently cited include oil, imperialism, warmongering, revenge and fighting terrorism. I leave it to others to debate what level of importance these factors hold. What concerns me is religion, a consideration seldom discussed in the West, but which is a greater cause than any other, with the probable exception of how it relates to money.

The people involved in these wars are from cultures overwhelmingly influenced by Abrahamic religions. The idea that “God loves us more” is a driving force in all three. And they all have “holy” books to try to prove it. If you can pin them down on their rationale for actually believing these things, the answer why is because: “We are better people.” This goes around in circles as it’s the same self righteousness at heart.

A quick review…

Judaism: They believe they are God’s favorite. The leaders of the Mosaic religion had a history of commanding their people to slaughter entire nations, even the babies. After 1,800 years without a country of their own, they emigrated to Palestine en masse and then refused to grant a homeland to the people who were there first.

Christianity: They believe they are God’s favorite. When Christian leaders came to power they plundered the entire world in the name of God. The people of every non-Christian country on Earth were slaughtered, enslaved, or treated as savages and barbarians, while colonialism destroyed the majority of their ancient cultures.

Islam: They believe they are God’s favorite. Though they lag behind in civil rights, their violence is right on par. Citing the delight of God to see infidels die, which is any non-Muslim, they commit mass murders by bombing the general public. When infidels are in short supply they are happy to please the Almighty with the deaths of each other.

These are the worst examples, but it demonstrates how the seeds of conceit, which these religions sow, eventually bear the fruit of crime and violence.

Imagine if someone said to you: “You are inferior to me!” This is precisely how churches, temples and mosques are subtly training their followers to think of other people. Such conceit cannot be avoided, after all, they claim to possess the actual “Word of God.” Attendees nod their heads and hearts to what the preachers are selling, and the gist of it is: “God is pleased with us” and “God is not pleased with outsiders.” You hear that just being there makes you a better person than others. And if you join them (bring money) and follow obediently (stop thinking) then you’re even better. People love to have their egos stroked and some will pay almost any price – body and soul, to those who do it well. Priestcraft is the oldest men’s profession.

Conceit causes strife in personal life, but on an international level it’s a disaster. The wars in the Middle East involve three religions that are predominant in the nations of three billion people. All of these people were exposed as children to the self-righteous doctrine that they are God’s favorite. We can argue about which of these cults is the worst, but one thing is certain: The smug sense of superiority that priestcraft instilled in us during our childhood is why there is no end in sight for these new crusades. Deep down in our hearts, in this nation so historically influenced by Christians, and now by Jews, we want the Muslims beaten and smashed. We want them dead. We are better than you! And God loves us more!

In the United States these wars secretly give the general public a sense of pride. Israel is nearly euphoric about them. On the surface it may not appear that way, but it doesn’t take much digging to see this. Talk to almost any Christian or Jew about the wars and you can see the gleam of satisfaction. They’re ashamed to admit it, but their delight becomes obvious very quickly. They just can’t talk openly about what their hearts know is so morally wrong. Their dark hidden attitude is that the Muslims can go to hell.

Plain and simple, religion is the main reason we don’t have a real anti-war movement. The proof of this is easily seen by remembering the public attitude against the Vietnam War. The protests had become so widespread by time we quit, that not only were millions of people in the streets rallying against the war, but there was a multitude of churches speaking out. This is not the case with today’s conflicts that are raging all over the Muslim world, but then, we never heard bad things about Buddhists when we were growing up.

These wars in the Middle East were based on reports of threats we knew were lies in the first place. And they have been spilling blood for nearly a decade with very little progress, but very substantial tears. Meanwhile, we’ve wasted a trillion dollars and ruined our economy. Where are the protesters? Nearly 1,000,000 people have died. Over 3,000,000 people have fled their countries. And they haven’t returned home either. Do they prefer refugee camps? Almost every Iraqi citizen has dead friends or family members. The churches are silent. The temples are silent.

And it gets worse…

Not only is there no end in sight, we’re expanding our attacks. In addition to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are now bombing four other Muslim countries. That’s war against six nations and not one of them attacked us. None of these people wanted us there. None of them want us there now. They may dislike us, but how is that God’s permission to kill them? Government reports, leaked by employees with a conscience, show us that covert projects are working to destabilize almost every Muslim country in the world. Public outrage ended the Vietnam War. Private delight expands the War on Islam.

What happened to the golden rule? Christianity, Judaism and Islam all pretend to speak for God, but only one is being murdered. Behold! Christians and Jews are in complete agreement for the first time in history!

But God approves because we are better people. And God loves us more.